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#M-16 Mist Coolant Fluid

  • Increases tool life 
  • For machining and tapping
  • No-fogging, odorless
  • Contains rust preventative 



#ALU-CS Al-lumitap Cutting Fluid
12 bottle case

  • Produces clean, accurate threads
  • Maintains close specifications
  • Improves surface finish
  • Increases tap life
  • Inhibits galling of chips to tap
  • Prevents sticking of taps & chases
  • Will not evaporate
  • Will not deteriorate
  • Non-flammable


#WT-1M Mist Coolant Unit Line
Complete line assembly (Metal braid)


#WPL-1 Complete Hose Assembly for Pumps
This versatile accessory enables you to
locate and hold nozzle in any position 
with ease and speed.



Replacement Parts, from Left to Right
#WT-6 Inlet line Assembly-NOT AVAILABLE
#CL-2 Clamp (2 per unit)-NOT AVAILABLE
#CL-1 Clamp Assembly-NOT AVAILABLE
#WT-2 Nozzle Assembly-NOT AVAILABLE
#WT-11 Brass Washer-NOT AVAILABLE
#WT-8 Rubber Washer-Nozzle-NOT AVAILABLE
#WT-9 Rubber Washer-Valve Body-NOT AVAILABLE
#WT-10 Brass Insert-NOT AVAILABLE


#150 Magnetic Adjustor Holder 

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